Keep your mind calm during the lockdown period by adopting these easy tips


In self-isolation, everyone’s view is different, if someone adopts a very positive attitude during this period, some people may also become victims of loneliness and nervousness due to extremely negative thoughts. In such a time, Motivational things also do not work for a long time. In such a situation, it is only up to us how we are facing the situation and what we are learning from it. There are many ways, with the help of which your mind can be kept calm, so let’s know about them:

  • Adopt Good habits – Many times the mind and mind also become a victim of stress because we are too bored with our lives. Actually, our lifestyle has changed to such an extent that we do not get free time for anything other than work. People bring office work to home or even if they do not bring it, they only think about their work. In such a situation, they are unable to do anything new and gradually start suffering from depression. If you want to avoid mental stress then make some changes in your routine and adopt some good habits.
  • Introspection- It is becoming very difficult to find time for yourself between the rush of home and office. In such a situation, it is very important to introspect life. Introspection means reviewing one’s own life. For this, every day you sit alone and ask yourself some questions related to life. Are you happy with your life, have you got what you deserve, are you happy? Spending some time with yourself and understanding yourself and your needs can reduce your stress to a great extent. For this, if you want, you can also write your daily routine in a diary.
  • Increase the amount of sleep and water- It is very important to sleep well to keep the mind calm and feel energetic. Make a distance from social media a few hours before bedtime. There should not be any such item around at bedtime, which causes your mind to wander or disturb sleep. The better the sleep, the better the morning and the better the day will be. In the same way, by increasing the amount of water consumed throughout the day, the mind remains calm. Water keeps the body hydrated and all kinds of toxins and impurities are also removed from the body.
  • Self love- Find a reason to love yourself. Spend time with yourself, get out of the virtual world and listen to good music. Eat and drink something good, dance at home and love yourself without any fear. If you do not understand the role of self love during self isolation, the mind will become unstable rather than calm. This is the best time to understand, improve and love yourself. Use this time because after this life will become hectic again.
  • Do Laughing exercises- The process of laughing out loud when feeling stressed is called laughing exercise. You may have heard many times that laughter camps are organized at parks and in these camps, people gather in groups and laugh openly for a long time. Laughing increases blood circulation in the body, which makes the mind and mind extremely calm. In this activity to keep yourself happy, remember happy moments, which you have laughed a lot before. If you want, you can watch a comedy movie or even talk to a friend whose conversations make you laugh.
  • Massage- Massaging keeps the mind, cures blood circulation and relieves stress. During self isolation, you can massage your hands, feet, shoulders and head by yourself or by family members. You don’t have to do much for it. If you are feeling tired or stressed, take a little oil (mustard oil, coconut oil or any essential oil) in a bowl, then start massaging it with light hands on your hands, feet, shoulders or head. If there is no oil, you can try the same process with lotion.




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