Keep yourself busy by doing these creative things at home during lockdown period


The coronavirus has now become a major crisis for the whole world. In India too, its impact seems to be spreading rapidly, due to which the government is doing everything possible to stop it. On the call of Prime Minister, people followed the Janata curfew and now lockdown has been done till 14th April in India. So everyone is at home since most of the offices are closed now, you will also be spending time at home. It will be difficult for you to spend time at home in this lockdown period.

Since now you are away from work and office, you will not be able to understand how to use your free time so that you do not get bored and spend your time in something good. Usually, people are spending most of their time in front of the TV channel due to the panic of this virus but listening to the news continuously also has a negative effect on the mind. So, today we are telling you about some such things that you can do in your free time-

  • In this difficult situation, instead of getting upset or negative thinking, try to learn some new things. Internet services are being provided in lockdown too, so why not learn something new with the help of YouTube and the Internet. Put your time into things you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it is cooking, learning a new language, learning different hairstyles, calligraphy or giving a new look to your home through art and craft. According to your interest, learn new things with the help of the internet. You will surely enjoy it a lot.
  • It is said that when you are happy yourself, then only you can keep others happy. So now you are at home and you have time too, so why not pamper yourself a little. Do hair-cutting at home or do a manicure-pedicure. Similarly, you can give a new look to your nails by doing nail art. By doing this kind of activity, not only will you spend your time, but you will also feel good.
  • Working people always have a grudge that they are not able to spend a good time with their husband/ wife and children in the pursuit of taking care of the house and the outside. At times, they are so tired that even when they are with the family, they does not feel that happiness. So now is the time to save all those moments once again. Cook something new and unique in the kitchen with your partner or play fun games with the whole family. In this, your time will also be good and the relationship will be strong.
  • We all know that fresh and chemical free vegetables should be eaten for good health. Since you have time now, why not do gardening at home? Coriander, mint and green chilli are some such vegetables, which you can grow anytime in twelve months and you will not need much space for this. Doing gardening will also be a good time. Also, doing gardening will also remove negative energy from the mind.
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