Know which type of rice is beneficial for weight loss


When it comes to weight loss, people often avoid eating rice but do you know that eating rice increases our weight or not? Carbohydrates and fiber are found in rice, it is beneficial for our health. However, the glycemic index of rice is high and eating it increases the blood sugar level.

Rice is digested faster than other foods. Due to this, we crave for more food items after eating rice and eating again after the meal increases the amount of calories in the body. Rice has both advantages and disadvantages, but there are also some rice, which reduces weight quickly.

Calories are in all types of rice but fiber is found in brown rice, red rice, pound rice, and unpolished rice. For weight loss, we need more mineral, fiber and vitamin-rich food items. Not all of these elements are found in some rice. Brown and red rice contain antioxidants and fiber that help in weight loss.

White rice is not good for health. Most of the mineral and nutrients are released during processing. There are 150 calories in 100 grams of white rice. Along with this, the glycemic index is also high.

Dietary fiber is found in excess in Brown rice. Eating brown rice increases metabolism and controls weight. There are 111 calories in 100 grams of brown rice.

Black rice has the highest antioxidant content. This rice is not polished. It is rich in vitamin B6, zinc, phosphorus, niacin and folate. One cup of black rice contains 280 calories.

Red rice, the colour is red due to an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Antioxidants help in weight loss. Manganese is found in red rice which makes metabolism strong. One cup of red rice contains 216 calories.

You should eat plain rice instead of fried rice. Protein is not found in rice. So one can add boiled chicken or lentils to make it more healthy. Soak the rice for a few minutes and cook it after washing 3-4 times. This reduces the amount of starch. Eat fiber-rich vegetables along with rice. Cook brown rice in coconut oil.

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