Know why skipping breakfast does not help in reducing weight


Now-a-days everybody knows that breakfast is very important for our body rather than other meals of the day so you should eat healthy and on time in morning but if you have the thought to avoid or skipping breakfast to lose weight then you are totally wrong as it will make you crave to have more food.

Generally, people who have a habit of having breakfast in the morning have a diet that is rich in fiber and micro-nutrients and at the same time, those who do not have breakfast have the habit of smoking cigarettes and alcohol, also such people do not do exercise.

Some people believe that having breakfast increases your metabolism but this is not the truth as your metabolism depends on the amount of food you eat throughout the day. Those who skip breakfast are thicker than those who have breakfast as if you do not have your breakfast then you are definitely feel more hungry and you eat more food than you need.

It is also been reported in many studies that by eating breakfast you eat 400 calories less every day and by not having your breakfast has a direct affect on your body and in the absence of this you will have to face headache, nausea or stomach pain. It is advisable to do your breakfast daily so that you can start a good day.

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