Lion attacked buffalo herd, see what happened in the video


The lion king of the forest has the power to hunt the biggest animal. Due to this strength, he is called the king of the jungle. But many times he has to work hard for hunting and sometimes he has to leave the field to save his life. We found a video on social media. In which a lion attacked a herd of buffalo. What happened then can be seen in the viral video itself.

This video has been shared with the Twitter handle named @ prey_0. This video has received only 247 views so far. At the same time, two users have also liked this video. In the video, you can see that a herd of buffaloes is roaming in a forest in search of grass. Then a lion falls on the herd. The lion attacks the buffalo herd. Buffaloes run fast after seeing the lion. The lion also chases buffaloes to hunt.

During this time, the buffaloes are seen crying loudly. Trains of some tourists are also seen standing nearby. As soon as the herd of buffaloes reaches the tourists to escape the lion, the tourists also get scared and shout loudly. The buffalo herd escapes rapidly, but the lion attacks a buffalo and catches it. The lion rides on the buffalo, while the buffalo also tries to bring down the lion in its defense, but every bit of the buffalo fails. During this time the buffalo shouts loudly but no buffalo of the herd comes back and saves him.

The lion grabs the buffalo’s neck, after which the buffalo rotates vigorously so that the lion falls to the ground and the buffalo runs away. But the lion’s grip is so strong that the buffalo cannot get out of the lion’s clutches. After that, the king of the jungle catches the buffalo by the neck and falls on the ground. Then another lion reaches there. What happened after that is not in the video, but looking at the video, it seems that the two lions together will have finished the work of buffalo in a few minutes.

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