Look your best at Holi Parties with these fashion tricks


Holi festival is loved by every other Indian and this time the Holi festival is in the first week of March and people have started preparing for this festival. At the same time, everyone wants to look special on this festival of colors. Therefore, the right choice of clothes is very important. So here are some good options for you so that the Holi can prove to be better for you.

If you want a simple look as well as a classy look then simply wear a plain kurta with trousers leggings and jeans, by this, you can get a simple but yet elegant look.

If you want a traditional look, then you can wear a jacket with a jumpsuit. Apart from this, the combination of a t-shirt with a printed skirt up to the knees can also give you a different look. If you are avoiding dark colors, then you have a better option that you can also take a color scarf or a stole that matches with light-colored clothes.

There is no point in applying makeup while playing Holi as playing Holi with a natural look will be a good option. You can use eyeliner and mascara for eyes apart from this, lip balm can also be used to protect lips from dryness.

You are in contact with water while playing Holi, during this time it is important that you also pay attention to your footwear. Wearing heels can prove dangerous on these occasions. Therefore, it is important that you wear good quality of slippers while playing color that there is no fear of slipping or of falling.

During this time, you should also take care of your hair and before that gently apply coconut oil on your entire hair and it is important for you to keep your hair tied well. You can tie your hair or make ponytails so that you can enjoy Holi without worry.

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