Madhya Pradesh Cop Carrying Injured Woman On His Back Wins Hearts


A video has emerged of the bravery of policemen from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, which has also been praised by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. In fact, on Tuesday, the loading vehicle was overturned in a ditch near Ghughri village, 35 km from Jabalpur. There were 36 laborers in it. 27 were badly injured. The injured included people from 12 years to 60 years. All were to be rushed to the medical college for treatment, but the stretchers fell short. In such a situation, ASI Santosh Sen of Charagwan police station showed courage and lifted the injured on the shoulder and reached the Casualty of the Medical College. Fellow policemen also supported him and lifted the other injured to the hospital.

The surprising thing is that Sen is 57 years old, despite being a victim of a major accident in 2006, he is seen fit. 14 years ago, a goon named Pawan Yadav was shot on his right shoulder in Narsinghpur. Because of this, his right-hand does not even work properly. But after the video of his bravery went viral, social media users have saluted him.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan was also among those who recognized this spirit of ASI Sen. Referring to the incident with his Twitter handle, he wrote, “The entire Madhya Pradesh is proud of ASI Santosh Sen! Santosh Ji is a source of inspiration for young policemen. People like him work to show the direction to society. I bow to his spirit, wish him the best and offer my heartfelt greetings. ”

On Wednesday, IG Bhagalwat Singh Chauhan of Jabalpur Range presented a letter of appreciation to the five police personnel, including ASI Santosh Sen, with a reward of Rs 1,000 each. Earlier, the SP of Jabalpur also honored all the policemen.

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