Makeup Lovers! Do you know the right way to store makeup products


You must think that the most convenient thing to keep your foaming face wash or night serum in the bathroom shelf but all your skin and makeup products are influenced by light, heat and other environmental factors. Constant change in temperature can make your beauty products become less effective or expire soon. It can also change the shade or colour of your makeup products.

Here are few places where you should and shouldn’t store your makeup products:

Store them in:

A cool and dark place- Room temperature is the best temperature to store your skin and makeup products. Avoid places where they can directly come in contact with the sunlight. Because it can break down the active ingredients in your products. Protect your products by storing them in cabinets and drawers.

The Fridge- Due to cool temperature some products work better when stored in the refrigerator. Have some space in your refrigerator for skincare products that have retinol or vitamin C, as the cold temperature in your fridge will slow down the ageing process of the products. You can always put your nail paints and lipsticks in the fridge.

Don’t store them in:

The bathroom vanity- Shower steams can settle on your cosmetics and other beauty products and can start growing mould. Bath salts, sugar scrubs, powder and other products without a strong seal should not be kept in the bathroom vanity. Avoid keeping makeup tools, brushes and beauty blender in this area as it Can get germs. Always dry your tools outside the bathroom after cleaning.

Freezing temperatures- Well cool temperatures are good for some products whereas too cold temperatures can be harmful for some. Moisturises, lotions and conditioners can become less effective when kept in the freezer.


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