Manipur : These Amazing Facts About Manipur Make It A Gem For Travel


Manipur Is Heaven Of India

Manipur literally means the land of gems, and it is really so given the interesting history, uniqueness and culture it has. Here are some special facts worth knowing about this northeast Indian state.

Manipur The Land Of Gandharvas

Legends say that the inhabitants of Manipur are originally Gandharvas –the celestial singers and dancers. Just like Kashmir, Manipur also has a reputation for being Gandharva-Desa.

Manipur’s connection with Mahabharata

Nongda Lairen Pakhangba is believed to be the first king of Manipur in 33 AD. However, Manipur earned fame in the ancient text Mahabharata as the princess of this kingdom, Chitrangada, was one of the wives of the Pandava warrior-prince Arjun.

Manipur Has World’s only floating national park– Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is situated on the floating Loktak Lake of Manipur. It has a vast wetland populated with dense dead and decaying floating vegetation called phumdi. It is home to the endangered Sangai or the brow-antlered deer and rare flora which are also the state animal of Manipur. Thousands of fishermen families live close to the Loktak Lake for their livelihood.

Manipur also has World’s oldest polo ground

Manipur has the oldest polo ground in the world at Imphal’s Mapal Kangjeibung. It is said that Manipur’s deity-king Kangba invented the game in the 14th century BC, and in 33 AD, King Nongda Pakhangba hosted the first polo match. It hosts the Manipur International Polo Festival every year which is attended by a lot of polo fans. The Britishers took polo to the west during their colonial rule in India.



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