Meet PigeonBot, a robot which flies like a bird


Machines are becoming part of our life and since the development of ‘Artificial Intelligene’, machines have taken the form of humans and animals as well as birds and we call them robots. The latest case is from the United States, where scientists at California-based ‘Stanford University’ have created a flying machine with 40 pigeon wings. However, it’s a mixed form of both machine-bird. The research team has named it ‘Pigeonbot’.

Due to artificial legs and fingers this machine can perform acrobats in the air like birds of prey and not only this, ‘Pigeonbot’ also makes the sound like birds. Also, it has the ability to go its own way and change direction. It can fly upward immediately by making a straight dive.

Eric Chang, who created ‘Pigeonbot’ said ‘The wings of birds are soft but strong which cannot be countered by artificial wings. Wings used in robotics and aircraft are hard so we have used pigeons wings in it so that we can find out how birds use them and the purpose of making it is to understand the life of birds.

He says, ‘Like a dove, the wings change their position due to the wings in the air and these wings fitted in Pigeonbots can withstand strong wind. These can be replaced if broken and the researcher first analyzed pigeon wings and then developed a model to be used in Pigeon boat and each wing of the Pigeon boat works in the same way as the wings of a real pigeon.

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