Some things don’t just get away, either it’s thought for future or memory of past. The only thing you can do is- put that thought aside till tomorrow and again next day deal with it in the same way.

Life is meant to be filled with memories. Every time that I close my eyes and I let my mind be free, my head starts to be full of different images, people place, events; experiences that have left a mark in my life. Sometimes those memories are classified as happy , but other times happens that those memories kill us slowly because they are filled with sadness. Despite making us sad, they have a great value to us.

Memories never fade away, whenever it strikes your mind.. your whole preparation and control over emotions reverse the gear, for a moment you starts loving it and suddenly it changes to pain…. that intense pain, You relive it all over again, find yourself stucked in – should/ would/ could.. type of things and as usual get no result… Nothing.

Henceforth, you decides to close the door for memory which is actually temperory but still you choose to go back to present, wipe your tears, take a deep breath, hug your pillow, switch off the lights, go to sleep and again…. PUT THAT THOUGHT ASIDE TILL TOMORROW!

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