Missing Summer vacation, here’s how you can get those vibes at home


We always have been waiting for Summer Vacations in June and July no matter it was our school summer vacation or college. The only best thing about summers, going out for trips to mountains or beaches, shopping all the new summer collection, partying, etc but now this year there is no summer vacation, we are homebound, cannot travel anywhere now or in near future because of Coronavirus who is on vacations traveling worldwide.

Entering lockdown 5.0, irritated staying at home, working and that stress is getting worse. We wanna go out but cannot, we can only travel thinking about those places or looking at those resorts and hotels where we want to go. So this summer we all have to bring the vacation at home.

Yes, we can bring the vacation feel at home by doing activities which we may do on a road trip. We can feel like we are on a vacation just with the help of a few things at home, we do not have to go out and buy things for this. Let’s see how we can have a home vacation?

Turn your bedroom into a spa- you can get a luxurious spa at home that too without spending a penny. For the spa-like environment, you just have to draw your curtains, light up scented candles and play soothing songs. And for the spa, you have to give yourself a treat of aromatherapy with essential oils for body and mind care. You can do this kinda spa after every 15 days.

Organize videocall theme party with friends- We do video calls to our cousins and friends frequently so why cannot we do a party through a video call. For this you just have to think of a theme like a pool party theme or a disco theme, then get dressed up according to your theme with proper music and your favourite drinks and you can all party together (virtually) whenever you want.

Plan a picnic with your family- planning a picnic with your family does not mean you have to go out you can also plan it on your terrace or in your balconies. Setup your terrace or balcony in that way, prepare food accordingly and play some games and enjoy.


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