Monalisa to Tom & Jerry, Anushka Sharma Giving Us Super Laughter Riots


Just a day left for the release of ‘Sui Dhaaga’. The movie is getting much popularity right after the lunch of its trailer not because of its star cast or different story line but because of the characters portrayed by Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan. In the movie, stars have played the role of a lower middle class people and their attires and looks giving full justice to their roles but are also giving meme makers to troll their gestures shown in the movie especially of Anushka Sharma.

Social media users are making super fun of Anushka Sharma and it’s look like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are flooded with Mamta (Anushka Sharma) jokes. So, let’s have a look how users are using their creativity in making memes of Anushka.

Wow… Anushka replaced Monalisa epiclly and her looks are more entertaining than Monalisa because we are actually bored seeing same Monalisa again and again.

This is for Tom and Jerry fans, ahaannn actually we are all Tom and Jerry fans. The way Anushka is looking at Jerry and Jerry’s laugh are giving us good laughter.

Ahann… this is something very interesting. Anushka is now ready to have a dinner with Champaklal, but Champaklal is shocked to see her.

This should be done, finally someone is there to replace Parle-G girl, Anushka you are giving us serious laughter riots. And of course ‘BakshDo-G’.

Yeahh… we were actually waiting for this meme to come after all it is showing our reality when we get super excited on salary day and after 10 days we are actually poor.

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