Every creature in this world has the ability to change or feel things via mood, some can express them and others can’t. But among these creatures, humans are the ones who can express themselves fully by visual or verbal expressions.

Mood basically depends on the situation and feelings. For example, if the weather is good, things are in our favor, a perfect group of people and the whole environment is happy then obviously the mood will be happy and cheerful, but if things are not normal, the mind is somewhere in some problem and the environment is not suitable then surely it’s difficult to have a good mood.

Changes in mood normally called mood swings, when mood changes uncertainly and seems complicated at the same time then it’s difficult to find out the reason behind those changes in mood. But the only thing that could be said is, there could be mental stress which is causing these sudden mood swings.

This can be generally seen in women suffering from periods or having pregnancy. As it’s a really difficult situation for them to handle and therefore all these pains affect their mood. This results in sudden changes and their demands, like – craving for some dish or drinks, getting angry on small things, being loving, or being arrogant in a very less span of time.

All this can put the other person in dilemma, whether to just leave or stay or else console. Because they won’t understand what should be done and what that person is expecting, thus this can lead to big problems sometimes.

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