In This Village Of India, Mother Shares Her Husband With Her Daughter

In This Village Of India, Mother Shares Her Husband With Her Daughter
In This Village Of India, Mother Shares Her Husband With Her Daughter

Marriages are always been the beautiful part of life. Man gets married to a girl and then takes her along with him in his own world. But there is a village where a girl never leaves her home even after getting married because she gets married to her own father. Yes, guys, this is as true as the sun set and sun rise. The story of this village is shocking and weird because it is not less than a crime to get married to own daughter.

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So, here we are disclosing the real reason behind this culture of getting married to daughter to you, just have a look here.


This weird story is of ‘Mandi’ tribe of Bangladesh. Here girls never dream about any prince charming that will come and take her with him, in fact they always dream to get married to their father. And this is all because of a culture which is followed in this tribe.


A young from this tribe Aorola says, that her father died when she was a kid after that her mother did second marriage. So, from then onward she started taking her second father as her husband. This is so pathetic, isn’t it?

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Mandi tribe

There is another culture in this society, if any woman becomes widow at a younger age then she has to get married again with any man from her husband’s family.

Mandi 3

It is believed that if the husband is of younger age then he can protect his new wife and daughter both. Now, Aorola has 3 children from her father while her mother has two.

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Mandi 1

A total of 20 lakh people of Mandi tribe leaves in Bangladesh and India. This tribe is also referred as ‘Garo.’

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