Mysterious : This lake is considered to be the world’s most mysterious lake, its water turns blue at night


There is no dearth of mysteries in the whole world, even scientists from all over the world could not find out about these mysteries to date. Today we are going to tell you about one such secret which is hidden in a lake. The secret of this lake is that this lake starts shining like a blue stone at night. That is why this lake is known as the most mysterious lake in the world. Actually, we are talking about a lake named Kawah Ijen of Indonesia.

This lake is also the most acidic saltwater lake in Indonesia. The biggest feature of this lake is that in the daytime it looks exactly like other lakes but during the night its water becomes absolutely blue. Then it feels like it is a bluestone. Please tell that the temperature of the water of this lake is always 200 degrees Celsius than hot. That is, if an organism falls in it, then within a few seconds its flesh will become part. The most mysterious thing about this lake is its color.

At night the water of this lake glows like bluestone. Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, this lake is named ‘Kavaha Eigen’. The water of this lake is always simmering. As if someone has burnt a furnace under it. Because of this, there is no population around the lake. However, a satellite image of this lake has been released several times, in which blue-green light appears from the water of the lake at night. After years of research, scientists could not find the reason for the colorful light emanating from this lake.

Many active volcanoes exist around the lake, due to which many types of gases like hydrogen chloride, sulfuric dioxide are also released from the lake. All these gases react together, which produces a blue color. Please tell that the Kavaha Eigen lake is so dangerous that even scientists around it cannot dare to stay for long. Once, to check the acidity of the lake, a team of American scientists put a thick sheet of aluminum in this acid-filled water for about 20 minutes.

After removing this sheet, it was seen that the thickness of the sheet was reduced to transparent cloth. Apart from the acidic lake Kavaha Eigen, there is also a river due to the effect of the volcano, which is considered to be very deadly due to acidification. This river flows in the Peruvian Amazon forest is also called the world’s largest thermal river.

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