National French Fry Day Special: Do you know these different types of french fries


July 13 is known as National French Fry Day in the west or simply known as French Fries Day globally. It is to honour the famous fast food side that has accompanied some of the best dishes such as burgers and steaks, it is turned into an important part of an individual’s daily life. In fact, on this day many fast food joints are actually giving some discounts and offer on French fries across the globe.

The french fries industry has been quite a flourishing one from the crispness of Belgian fries to the basic potato wedges, the variations introduced to foodies over the years. Fries are to be the perfect sides to burgers, steaks, sizzlers. A party is incomplete without fries in the house. Many cannot do without some fries during their drinking binge sessions too. Not to forget, how fries are the ideal substitute to popcorns during movies.

Well, we know the importance of fries in our food habits. They come in different shapes, forms and toppings too.

Here are some of the top-notch types of fries which are a big hit among foodies:

Potato Wedges- They are the best type of fries that are loved by kids as well as adults. They can go as perfect sides with sizzlers or can be ideal for a steak burger too. Potato wedges make room for themselves in any barbecue gathering. Make sure you don’t get rid of the skin as it is the most important part of the finger food.

Waffle fries- They are very popular in United Kingdom and now is finding its way to India too. They are the basic fries made with a waffle iron. Serve these fries with some whipped sour cream and you are ready for a nice weekend hang session.

Crinkle cut fries- Crinkle or wavy fries is the name that comes out from its shape. You don’t need anything else with this type of fries as its zig-zag shape makes kids happy and adults feel like kids.



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