OMG! A couple named their newborn twins COVID & CORONA


Fear of coronavirus is prevalent all over the world and people are locked in their homes in lockdown. Meanwhile, a unique case has come up in India in which a couple has named their newborn babies as ‘CORONA’ and ‘COVID’. This is the case of Chhattisgarh, husband and wife are originally from Uttar Pradesh but currently live in a rented house in the old settlement of the capital Raipur.A woman gave birth to twin children on March 27 during the lockdown. The woman says that to remove the panic that is prevalent in the world over these names, we have kept these names of our children. Preeti Verma, the wife of Vinay Verma, a resident of an old settlement in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has given birth to these twins. Among them, the son is named Covid and the daughter is named Corona. The woman gave birth to these children at Raipur Medical College Hospital about a week ago.When asked about the names of the epidemic being given to the children, Preeti Verma, mother of newborns, said that the names of the two children will always remind them of the lock-down and that she will never forget this day. She also said that she had a stomach ache and had to face many difficulties in reaching the hospital in Raipur. Apart from this, the special thing is that even the medical staff at the hospital called the children CORONA and COVID, so we also decided to keep the same name. However, the husband and wife also say that if they want in the future, they can also change the name.


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