Pay attention to WhatsApp’s new threat


In today’s world, everybody uses WhatsApp and if you are using it then this news can be very important for you. You won’t even know and hackers can steal all your data. The risk of theft of all the personal data along with videos, photos, audio present in your phone increases. Actually the Indian Cyber Security Agency Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) has issued a warning for WhatsApp users.

It has been said in this warning that the virus is spreading in WhatsApp through an MP4 file, due to which the users are at risk of data theft. The special thing is that users will not even know that something like this has happened to them.

Many news is coming these days related to WhatsApp. In September, it was revealed that many Indian journalists and social workers have been spied through WhatsApp using Israeli spyware Pegasus. This issue too caught a lot of momentum.  The question was also raised as to what the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp means when people’s data gets stolen.

According to CERT-In, this drawback of WhatsApp allows hackers to steal all the data from your device by sitting away. The report states that as soon as a user downloads this MP4 file containing the virus, all the data in the device is stolen. CRT-In stated that this flaw is present in more than 6 versions. You should avoid this file in anyhow otherwise your data will be stolen.

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