People die if they enter at this place


Our world is full of many mysteries, which is very difficult to know about, some mysteries have remained a mystery even today, but today we are going to talk about a mysterious place in this link where going It becomes the death of people, let us know about this mystery.

Let us tell you that this place is located in the ancient city of Herapolis in Turkey. There is such a temple here, whoever goes here never comes back, people also call the door of this temple as hell. Has been detected by scientists

Scientists say that poisonous carbon dioxide gas is continuously leaking out from under the temple, due to which humans and animals and birds are killed. People are still afraid to visit this temple, scientists say that the cave below the temple remains

The effect of carbon dioxide gas in this cave is so high that no one can escape it and it has been told by scientists that 30 minutes after the arrival of this gas, the human being dies. This gas has proved to be very dangerous for humans, due to which people are afraid to go to this temple, this place is nothing less than a mystery.

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