Extremely Sensual Pictures Capturing People’s Faces As They Orgasm


Isn’t that fascinating how we enjoy that moment of bliss multiple times in quick succession? Whether you are gaining that immense pleasure with your partner or enjoying a little time by yourself, orgasms are a great perk of the human body. Achieving a perfect orgasm is a moment when everything in your body feels united.

Alina Oswald, a 24-year-old, German photographer from her first exhibition project “Moments” wanted to show the side of people rarely seen by others.

Sharing her work on her Facebook page, she wrote,

Another interesting aspect of my photographs is that I achieved it to catch a moment without any control of how the model looks or how it is presented. I was always searching for that moment when I photographed. Most of the time a model changes the way it looks or the way it moves the body immediately when the camera is on it. But, while you are having an orgasm your whole body gets out of control and you are getting the subject of your emotional reflexes. That’s how I created truthfulness and authenticity. Sensual. Beauty. Tender. That´s what I see when I look at this picture with his eyes closed young man on it. With knowing that he just has an orgasm the picture gets a totally different meaning. You are invited feeling what he feels and getting his positive energy. I first thought about doing this project some years ago but forgot it again. Then I talked to a friend who told me this idea and that I should do it. I thought I won´t ever find people for shootings. I started photographing my good friend who inspired me and I photographed myself. I started talking to people about my project and asked them very open and directly if they want to join. And more and more people said yes. And I started shooting them. The project got bigger and bigger. I put my whole energy and thoughts in it. I was organizing everything and made many appointments. Most of the time I went home to the models, brought some wine and relaxed energy with me. I talked a lot to the person and then I setup my equipment. Then it was time for a hand-job.  Mostly I was in the same room, sometimes I went out and just came in the end for taking the photos. Sometimes I had couples and they helped each other. Sometimes the people watched porns or looked at hot pictures. After we laughed and talked about the moment. Happy and thankful for the experience.














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