People Jumping in Front of Running Train for ‘Nillu Nillu’ Challenge, Video Goes Viral


It’s like people are some velle that they accept all the challenges that comes to them on social media and do crazy things. We are living in the world that starts their day with social media and end with social media. And for us the definition of social media is being ‘cool’, and for that we can do anything. The latest trend of social media and cool people is ‘challenges’ that they throw on each other for fun and their source of entertainment.

After ‘Kiki’ challenge and ‘Momo’ challenge, the new challenge in this thread is ‘Nillu Nillu’ challenge. People are going crazy with this challenge and taking risk of their life to complete this challenge. This challenge was initially started from Kerala and now it has spread in other parts of the country.

The cripiest thing about this challenge is that people have been spotted jumping in front of cars, bikes and running trains out of noweher and shaking their legs to the song ‘Nillu Nillu’. People come in groups, wearing helmets doing this life threatening stunt. This is the weirdest challenge ever and seems like people have literally gone mad that they are not fearing loss of their life this challenge can do to them.

Recently, a video of some crazy went viral on internet, in which a group of boys jumped in front of running train and started to dance on ‘Nillu Nillu’ song. This is the dangerous thing human could do. Government is now banning this challenge and arresting people who are trying to perform this act.

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