People Shared Their Worst Breakup Experience That Were Too Funny


Breakups are the most painful experiences of one’s life. Long sleepless nights, depression, breaks us completely. Along with pain, it also changes and teaches the harsh reality of life that you can’t bring it back. Here are some short stories shared by people about their worst breakup experience that will remind you that pain again…

“My ex-boyfriend and I were on a flight for a vacation and he was a total mess on the flight. I never saw him after the vacation. He spoke too loudly and we have all the attention while on the plane. Before the plane landed he started looking for his luggage and was ready to push people around. Now I know this is too trivial an issue to break up but I was just totally repulsed by him.”

“Long time ago my friend met a girl online and they had a decent chat on phone as well as online for 2-3 weeks. One day she said that her friend wanted to talk to him, and if he did, she will not talk to him again. She said she loves her and that her friend had no boyfriend so she wanted him to become her boyfriend because he was nice guy. My friend denied her offer and had a break up.”

“I once peed in a girl’s water bottle as a dare back when we were in 10th grade. She found it out but not before a couple of gulps. She was the laughing stock of the class for months to follow. Four years later, we are both in college, madly in love for almost a year. During a make out session, I ask if she is into golden showers. When she expresses her disgust I tell her who peed in her bottle in school. She draws herself away from me and leaves. And that’s how my first relationship ended.”

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