Pet dog was in the house, licked the owner’s hand with love, the owner succumbed to death


Man Died after Dog Licked: You too need to be careful if you are fond of raising dogs. Dogs are usually counted among the most loyal animals. You must have seen many such videos in which dogs also give evidence of their loyalty in some way. But a strange phenomenon has emerged from Germany in which only a pet dog has caused the death of its owner.

According to media reports, a 63-year-old man died in Germany due to his dog licking him with love to the owner. According to the insider’s report, a healthy 63-year-old man was hospitalized and later died of a mysterious illness. Doctors found that the person died due to his pet dog.

This person felt flu-like symptoms, including fever and muscle aches, immediately after playing with his pet dog. His condition worsened due to symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, blisters on the face and strange bruises on his lower body.

Despite being hospitalized and treated with antibiotics, the man went into septic shock and suffered a heart attack. His organs stopped working after which he died.

According to a report published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, there is a type of bacteria found in the saliva of domestic cats and dogs which has caused the death of this person. After 16 days of treatment, the doctors removed it from the life support system and died. According to doctors, this person was suffering from a bacterium named Capanocytophaga canimorus.

Bacteria called caponocytophaga are common in pets, and can be spread through animal saliva bites, scratches, or any contact. According to the case study, when spread in humans, about 25% of caponocytag infections are fatal. But fortunately, most people who come in contact with bacteria are not ill at all.

While severe capnocytophaga infection is rare in humans, the bacteria itself is common in healthy cats and dogs. 74% of dogs have bacteria in their mouths, and they never fall ill on their own. Cats are also hosts of Capnocytophaga, although they are less likely to transmit it to humans. According to a study in the Netherlands, only one person out of every 1.5 million people can have this type of disease. In such a situation, this disease caused to this person is also surprising to the doctors.


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