PUBG Mobile India now a registered company in India, game to launch soon


PUBG Mobile India Game: This Royal Battle game in India is quite popular and sometime back when PUBG Corporation announced the re-launch of the game. Since then, players have been eagerly waiting for PUBG to return.

Some time ago there were reports that the company was facing some problems in getting approval from the Government of India for the re-launch of PUBG Game in India. But now it seems that the gaming company has succeeded in moving forward. According to media reports revealed, PUBG India Private Limited has been registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 21 November.

The names of two directors are also coming to the fore: PUBG India Pvt. The names of two directors of Ltd are coming out, one is Kumar Krishnan Iyer and the other is Hyunil Sohn.

PUBG Mobile India Game Release Date

No official information has been provided by PUBG Corporation about the release date of PUBG Mobile at the moment, but it seems that the game can be re-launched for the players soon.

What will happen to the old data? If the game comes back, then there is a question in the mind of the players who play PUBG, what will happen to the old player ID. Some of the recently reported reports said that in PUBG India, the new version of the game, the players’ old data which was saved on the first global server will be safe.

PUBG Mobile India Game: This time there will be many changes

PUBG Mobile India is not only different from the name, but the Indian version of this popular game will be different from the global version. In the Indian version, blood will now appear in green color instead of red, and the game’s characters will appear in full clothing from the beginning of the game.

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