Re-use your old Footwear with these Interesting & Creative ideas


In today’s time everyone loves to wear different-different shoes and every month they buy new pair of shoes and many a times we are often bored wearing them once or twice and we do not feel like it wearing it again and again and sometimes we don’t feel right to throw them or don’t want to give them so with the help these tips you can use your shoes in an interesting way. Not only the shoes be saved from the waste but they will also attract the attention of the people.Use as a bookshelf- You can use your old shoes or footwear like a book shelf and old heels are the most useful one. You can also paint the heels well to give an interesting design, so you do need to throw away the old heels.

Make pin holders with children’s shoes- Children’s shoes are very cute and they are not too dirty or even ripped and if children’s shoes have become smaller then they can be used as pin holder and this will look very cute and can be decorated easily.Make decoration items with old slippers- Many a times decoration items can be made from old slippers and different designs can also be made by painting them and these wall hangings will not only work to decorate the house but its unique design will also attract the attention of the people and one size slippers will be best for creating this.Use as a flower pot- Sometimes the shoe quality is so great that it can be used as pots but make sure to keep them in an open space and if the water is not enough and the shoe is in a rotting condition then it will ruin the entire piece, it is better to use them with rain boots or with plastic shoes.

Donate- They are many such institutions which take old shoes and clothes and in this situation you can donate them your shoes. Just remember one thing that donate shoes that are in good condition and if a part of a shoe is damaged then use it in these creative ideas.


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