Samsung Galaxy M30 will get the update in which you will see these changes


Samsung Galaxy M30 Smartphone has launched his year in India. now Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphone is going to get the update in which after getting the update you will see changes. Before this Samsung said that this phone will get the android pie update and now it is getting into the phone.

In this update, you will see changes in the camera app. Means in this seen optimizer and gallery app will the tools of editing. If we talk about the file size of the update then the size is 1144.35 MB. This update has rolled out

You will see changes in the interfaces, in this, the interactive elements will go down the side. If you are using this phone then you have gotten the notification of this update. And we did not get this update then you can check in the settings.

Before updating the Samsung Galaxy M30 Smartphone you should care about these instructions. Before updating, this phone charges your mobile 100 percent because you would not know how much this update will take time. The size of the update file is too much so if you are going to update the phone then you have to keep the wifi connection with the updating phone. But most of the WIFI is giving high speed then this update will be done around 15 minutes. And after the update, you will get the many changes in the phone related to the interfaces and in some applications like gallery and camera.

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