Satyajit Ray: The best of his scores.


Satyajit Ray, a name that is synonymous with impeccable talent, I believe, needs no introduction as such. The only film director in India to have won the Academic award for lifetime achievement – Ray was a phenomenon and way ahead of his time. He made cinema, books, music, magazines, comics and what not! A multi talented man, Ray had a foresight that a lot of people didn’t at that point of time. His movies depicted everything, starting from realism, to imagination, fantasies, scandals, drama, to the cut throat tragedies of life – EVERYTHING UNDER ONE BANNER – Satyajit Ray. 

Well, not many of us know well of his musical side, of his capabilities in the area of composition. He was truly a genius no matter which sphere he took on! Here are some of the amazing scores Ray had produced in his lifetime from his movies.

Charulata Theme 

Feluda Theme

Pather Panchali Theme

Aparajito Theme

Ghare Baire theme


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