Scariest Places in India you need to Avoid


Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activities? There are some places all over the world that are famous for paranormal activities. Many tried even to capture it on camera. It is the best to avoid such places because you don’t wanna invite any trouble for yourself.

Here is the list of some scariest places in India:

Delhi Cantonment, Delhi- It is a green area but this is one of the places which needs to be avoided at night. According to reports and stories, the road which goes through the Cantonment area has ghosts which even walk around waving at people who pass by and try to stop their cars.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai- It’s a very old mill built in 1870 which was shut down immediately after a massive fire in the 1980s. After that, it became a location for shootings for Bollywood films. But Many stars and crew members have noticed some paranormal activities in some parts of the mill which is why they do not work after the sunsets.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala- This hotel is famous for a weekend getaway for tourists but also famous for a rumor like which we have seen in some horror movies. Guests have shared at stories that their sheets have been pulled off at night and they also have seen a blue-ray near the bed at midnight.

Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat- This beach is a cremation ground with all black sand. It is said that you can hear the whispering of the spirits after the sun sets, even the dog barks here all night. As people say that the dogs and cats can see paranormal activities and that is why you may notice them staring at a wall or corner just like that or cat standing still with its tail up. Gujarat localities totally avoid going to this beach at night.

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