LOVE!!! the most complicated feeling. It’s the worst thing about human nature that they seek for attention, love, priority everytime. Which is just next to impossible for one to gain all these everytime. Love when defiend by poets is equals to pain!!! here not loving someone gives you pain but the expectations you set for one are painfull when not accomplished.

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Mostly these expectations which we have from the next person, of reflecting the same as we do for them is painfull. Just play your part with whole love and care without any expectations, let the other person make love in there own way would definitely make it successfull and you will feel happy. But these all sounds bookish, in real humans are just opposite and are themself the reason of their pain. Ones nature can’t be changed but their perspective can!!! So to experience all your love and care, what best on your part you can do is LOVE YOURSELF. Try this, self love just offer expectations to youself, which you can happily fullfill without any pain, tear and hurt.

Shot of a beautiful young woman admiring herself in the mirror at home

And here you know how to make happiness and what could make you feel special.
Best part is that you and only you complete yourself. Your expectations this time will
brighten you instead of hurting, will help to groom yourself by self analyzing the terrible fact to which you were never familiar with. Self loving will outshine your soul and radiates positive vibes everytime which is attractive and all your sorrounding will feel the positivness of your happy mind and soul, the shine on your face and spark in your eyes will be catchy to both heart and soal. All these qualities are so impressive that you now will become more interactive and facinating, people with such qualities who ofcourse are rare automatically gain the attention which you seek for everytime. If you are complete in yourself, it changes all your surrounding and makes you to rule over the hearts.

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