Shocking: Instead of bride Groom’s farewell (Vidai) celebrated here


Our country is a country of diversity. Where people of every religion and caste live together. Along with this, every religious caste has different cultures. That is why our country is considered more civilized and different than other countries. People of different cultures live in India. Their costumes, catering and beliefs are different from each other. Today we are going to tell you about one such tribe of India, where after marriage, the bridegroom, rather than the bride, is bid farewell.

Here the bride does not go to the groom’s house but the groom has to go to the bride’s house. Actually, this practice is still valid in the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. It is a matriarchal society. Let us know that the ancestral tradition in this tribe goes on in the name of the mother. That is why women have the first right over the property of parents in this community. Boy and girl are given complete freedom to choose their life partner for marriage.

Apart from this, the most important thing about this community is that in the Khasi community, there is no system of letting in any kind of dowry. Which is a special thing about this community. Women can break their marriage at any time on their wish. The youngest daughter of the family has the highest responsibility. He is the owner of the property of the house. Let us know that the number of people in India is close to 9 lakhs. Most of their population lives in Meghalaya. Some part of their population lives in Assam, Manipur and West Bengal.

This community makes a living by cultivating jhum. It has a deep association with music. They play a variety of musical instruments such as guitar, flute, drum, etc. Please tell that the people of the Khasi tribe previously lived in Myanmar. After this, the tribe migrated from there and started living in eastern Assam of India. After this, their population gradually started migrating to Meghalaya. The language of this tribe is Khasi.

Apart from the Khasi tribes, this is the practice in Garo and Jaintia, the other two tribes of Meghalaya. These two tribes have the same systems that run in the Khasi tribe. Here too, after marriage, the groom stays in his in-laws’ house. Let me tell you that it is usually seen in India that more happiness is celebrated when there is a boy. But the whole family celebrates being a girl in the Khasi tribe.


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