Let’s get some ideas on fingertip to live a simple and happy life, which everyone desire to have.
To achieve this, it’s needed to have happy soul, healthy mind and physically fit. To have a good start of your healthy day plane the next day a night before, it will help you to have a stable mind the next morning. Set your sleep wake cycle, try not to disturb it otherwise your whole daywill be a great mess. Try to get up early in the morning and go for a walk to inhale fresh air, exercise if you can otherwise practise yoga everyday, which is the best backup for any type of workout, it will increase blood circulation in your body and will thus help you to eliminate evil thought and introduce creative thoughts. Meditation is a great idea to fight against any of your evil habit be it drug addiction, alcohol intake or any mental issue, it will definitely take time to
show good result but when you will address the results of it you will for sure appreciate it.
Keep your body hydrated, drink water as much as you can, water itself make you free from many diseases and drinking more water have to additional advantages of making you physically fit and giving you a glowing skin. Your diet, what you eat and when you eat plays major role in you development, these days every one not just youth but people of all age enjoy to have
junk food, fried and sugary food. Such diet does not support a healthy and fit life, eating such food sometimes in a month is accepted. Fix a time to have your meal and try not to trouble your body by disturbing it, taking dinner late at night is unhealthy. Along with all this take care of your skin and hair well, keep yourself clean, have bath daily.These little changes in your
day to day habits will definitly ensure healthy and fit you, healthy you will make your soul happy and happy soul is always attractive. Change yourself to look for a change around you.

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