Simple Reality Of Happiness And Life Which Can Open Your Mind


Why we ask God why I am not happy, why I am the unluckiest person, why I have got the sadness. Why I could not live life without sadness, all these questions are genuine and actually normal to ask.


If you are feeling anything bad you ask God why and when you feel happy you don’t think of god. Is really god is just for dealing with your bad feelings and sadness or you are just doubting god for these bad feelings and experiences.

Everything in this world is important to feel. If there is a pleasant fragrance around you all the time then thinks what, it becomes the normal air or nor smell for you. But if you know how bad smells smell then you always want to be in the fragrance or pleasant smell.

This actually fits on the happiness and the sadness, you feel the happiness at an extreme level when you have been through the sadness or bad experiences. And if you were in happiness all the time which is not possible in the world then happiness would have become normal and then you wouldn’t appreciate your happiness.

If you are feeling the bad experiences or you are in sadness then try to overcome this and try to build the control and if you are feeling happy then enjoy the moment fully but be ready all the time for the next move because nothing is permanent. At a recent moment you will feel amazing and another moment you are always going to have the sadness.

The thing which matters that, how you deal with reality and the situations.

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