Sitting on the back of a shark, these people are seen doing amazing stunts in the middle of the sea, they will be shocked to see the video


Many people are fond of performing dangerous stunts. He often puts his life at stake to fulfill that hobby. One such video is becoming viral on social media these days. In which a person is seen sitting on top of a shark doing stunts in the middle of the sea. Seeing this video, you will surely be surprised as to how a person can sit on top of a shark and ride in the sea. In the video, it can be seen that a man is taking a walk on the sea sitting on top of a whale shark.

Social media users are very fond of this video. It is being told that this video is from Saudi Arabia where a man was seen riding a shark in the sea. It can be seen in the video that a person is riding in a boat. Then he sees a big fish coming towards him and he comes to the side of the boat. He then stands on the side of the boat. As soon as the fish comes near he tries to sit on it but the fish moves fast and he is not able to sit on the fish.

After that, in a second or two, the other fish also comes there and he rides on it and takes a walk on the sea. According to the report of the Daily Mail, a man appeared in the Red Sea in Yanbu city of Saudi Arabia performing a staggering stunt. The man named Zaki-al-Sabahi was sitting with his companions on his boat in the sea. During this time, many whale shark fishes came near his boat. Meanwhile, he jumped on a whale shark that came close to his boat and sat on his back. During this time his companions kept making videos of this entire incident.

It can be seen in the video that many whale sharks are roaming around the boat and one of them is sitting on the back of these. Al-Sabahi had caught the wings of the fish during this time and he was riding it. Looking at the video, it seems that this person is playing with this fish without fear. Please tell that riding whale sharks in this way is very common and many such videos have come out in which people were riding whale sharks. The largest fish in the world is the whale shark, which is about 40 feet in length.

Explain that the population of whale sharks in the world’s seas is gradually decreasing and they have been kept in the category of protected species. It contains species that are on the verge of extinction. This video has been watched for more than 21 lakhs till now. Also, more than 1400 likes have been received. At the same time, this video has been shared a thousand times.


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