Snake enters tree tree for hunting, see how the woodpecker taught the lesson in the video


The life of the forest is very peculiar. While every living organism is searching for its food day and night, some creatures keep on struggling to save their life. We found one such video in social media. In which a snake entered a tree lair to hunt. Let us know that often birds like parrots, pigeons and woodpeckers also lay eggs in the tree lair. In search of these eggs, the snake entered the tree lair.

Probably the woodpecker will have children in this lair. That is why the woodpecker attacked the snake. After that can you see this in this video itself? This video has been shared with a Twitter account named @ prey_0. After sharing this video, it started going viral. In this video it can be seen that many holes are being made in the trunk of an old tree. A snake has penetrated into one of these holes.

A woodpecker is also hovering there. He repeatedly shoots his beak inside the eyelet, only then one of the snakes out of the hole comes out. The woodpecker immediately withdraws and attacks the snake with its beak. After that the woodpecker tries to attack again but the snake bounces in the air and attacks the woodpecker. This happens many times. Meanwhile, the woodpecker tries to attack the snake once again.

The snake is also very vicious. He rapidly attacks the woodpecker and catches it. After that, the woodpecker yearns to get out of the snake’s clutches. . But he has now realized that the snake is very dangerous and he can kill and eat it. Watching the video will surely make your hair stand up because the snake looks very fat and dangerous. Which can hunt woodpecker in one stroke.

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