Some did you know facts you should know


Consume your breakfast before 9 am and start the day by consuming protein-rich breakfast. Since the body is in starvation mode for  night and it requires to feed with good nutrients and consuming protein in breakfast makes you feel full of a longer period of time.



In order to be fit, you should go for a jog/ running ropes/gym/sports in the morning on an empty stomach.


Always consume a minimum of 3 litres of water every day.


Never ever smoke to look cool or to so called distress your body, smoking will always a give you the pain in the long run for sure.



Always  go for a regular blood test every 3 months, to ensure proper health of the body.



Replace the sugary drinks with fruits any of your choices, but never consume the package processed sugary drinks.


You must read around 20 pages of any book every day, related to self-improvement, novel, etc.


Always a have a minimum of 7 hr of sleep regularly for proper body functioning.


In the current era we are living in, the consumption of process and preservatives food, always a try to detox your body via lemon water, green tea, oil, pulling, etc.


Try to consume dry fruits daily like walnuts, almonds, raisins, cashews, figs, peanuts etc.

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