It was a beautiful sunny day in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, mesmerizing state in India. Those hills, covered with herbs, shurbs and large trees. A soothing view that can’t be described, however one can get an idea just by knowing the small thing – “THAT PLACE IS A CANVAS WHICH IS PAINTED BY THE GOD WITH NATURE AS COLOURS”.

A young handsome man sitting on the hill top, singing some melodious song with such a tempting voice that a lady dressed in an amazing gown looking at the flowing river, lost in some thoughts.

Her thoughts were floating with the lyrics of his song until she realized his voice turned sharp and clear. Suddenly she looked and found him standing in front of him, the grace by which he was cherishing every moment, completely unpredictable.

Slowly the time passed and the lady ran towards her home as it was already dark. Midway she realized that she didn’t had any conversation with him, therefore the stranger was still stranger to her. Changing her path, coming back to the location and finding no one was actually heartbreaking for her but she didhad choice except going home.

Everyday she waits for him at the same place with hope and desire of listening that same song…

The same lyrics.. and the same charming face..

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