Sonu Sood Offers to Send Books instead of PS4


Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood has recently emerged as the real life hero of the people who have been surviving under extreme conditions that have knocked people out financially because of the covid-19 pandemic and its widespread destruction to the mankind.

The actor has not only been the Messiah of the Migrants by helping them  reach back to their homes after the lockdown imposed by the Maharashtra Government but has also been actively involved in social welfare and charity with the benignant efforts of his team that has made various efforts to make the actor more accessible to the needy population.

He has helped a large section of people to step up their game in the difficult survival crisis by providing job opportunities or helping the Farmer who sold his cow to educate finance his children’s school fees.

Following the trend where people look up to the actor to have their needs met a fan made a very anomalous request and asked Sonu to buy him a Play Station. He wrote in his tweet “Sonu Sood Please sir can you buy me a PS4. All the children around me are enjoying the lockdown by playing games. Can you help me please he wrote further.”

Actor Sonu Sood gave a scintillating reply and wrote “If you don’t have a PS4 then you are blessed. Get some books and read. I can do that for you. Sonu’s followers agreed and praised the actor’s response and actor Karanvir Bohra commented “Ha ha ha super sahi jawab!”

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