Store your vegetables & fruits fresh for a long time with help of these hacks


We often buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but they start rotting very quickly, and then we have to throw them in the garbage. We often store fruits and vegetables for a whole week but sometimes fruits or vegetables get rotten and we throw them away. This is often the case during summer days as they rot quickly or turn brown due to heat. In such a situation, the question comes to our mind that what should we do? So today we are going to tell you some such food hacks, with the help of which you can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.Apart from keeping them fresh for a long time, the food tastes better, and you will also get all the necessary nutrients from it. So, if you have a situation in which you often throw vegetables and fruits, then read some hacks in this article that can help you store your things for a long time. These hacks are also easy to follow and anyone can try them.Herbs: Herbs like basil, parsley also get spoiled in a few days. Store the bunch in a glass of water and change the water every two days. Cover them upward with a plastic ziplock bag to retain moisture.Tomatoes: We usually store tomatoes in the fridge but they begin to deteriorate after a few days. In such a situation, to store tomatoes for a long time cut them into slices and roast them. Now store the roasted tomatoes in a container with olive oil. They will not spoil in the fridge for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Coriander leaves: If you keep coriander leaves in the fridge, it becomes more rigid over time, then it is of no use. Therefore, wrap the coriander leaves in an aluminum foil, this prevents moisture from freezing on the leaves and will keep it crispy and fresh. In this way, you will keep it fresh for longer than normal.Berries: They also start to deteriorate after keeping them in the fridge for 2 days, but you can keep them fresh for a long time by using this hack. To increase their life, wash the berries in three cups of water and one cup of vinegar solution. It works because vinegar is a natural disinfectant and when you are going to consume them, wash them with water.Lemons: Taking lemons from the market, they often see that they are soft and juicy, but after coming home, they become hard. The reason for this is that we often put the lemon in the fridge, while tightening it in a zip lock should be closed. They should never be left uncovered, this causes the lemon juice to dry up. Along with this, put lemon in water for some time before using it.




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