Super Human Wim Hof is known as “Iceman” of World.


There is one man that seems to be immune to the colds deadly touch and has spent his life achieving superhuman feats of endurance, in some of the coldest regions of the world.

Wim Hof was born on April 20, 1959 in Sittard, Holland. He grew up in a large family and has two sisters and six brothers.

Wim has been running barefooted through the snow since he was a teenager. From an early age, he stunned the world with his abilities. In 2007 he attempted a climb of the most dangerous mountain in the world, Mt Everest, wearing nothing but a modest pair of shorts and sandals. Unfortunately, he had to turn back once he reached 24,300 feet (7,400 m) after suffering frostbite in his foot. He was only 5000 feet away from the summit.

Wim is an autodidact and learned to control his body temperature with the power of his mind. Thanks to this mind training, he has developed an amazing ability to not only survive better than most in the cold, but he can also do this wearing ridiculously few clothes.

He has been able to achieve astounding feats of endurance under extremely cold temperatures. He also the master of coolness in very dangerous situations.

Daredevils – The Ice Man

He is proving on TV, the internet, and anywhere he can that he has the ability to control the cold and others can as well. Wim appears to have mastered the control of his body temperature whether it is staying constant in extreme cold, or in extreme heat.
He talks about how the mind controls these states of the body. Wim is adamant that anyone can start to learn these seemingly superhuman powers, but they have to be able to harness the powers of their mind.

“Believe in yourself and know you have what it takes. Let go of all doubt and anything in your life that is causing you stress.” – Wim Hof 


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