Switch to this skin care routine during monsoons


Monsoon is not good for the skin. Rising temperature, increased humidity, heavy rains and stifling heat can affect the health of the skin.

The most common skin issues are acne, skin rashes, clogged pores. It’s important to change your regular skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Here are ways to change your skincare routine:

Do Away With Oil-based Products– Change your moisturiser to a lighter one in the monsoon. Choose water-based creams as the oil ones hold more water in the humid season. For the oily skin and enlarged pores, it is important as heavy clog pores and can cause blackheads and breakouts.

Even for makeup choose oil-free products. Use water and powder based cosmetics like powder blush and water based primer. The main thing here is to let your skin breathe.

Switch To Double Cleansing– The easiest way to clean the skin and remove makeup is makeup wipes but don’t use them during monsoons.

In humility because of rains, our skin produces excess sebum. Face wipes doesn’t cleanse our skin and proper cleansing is required.

Do a double cleansing routine with gentle and hydrating foaming cleanser and also an anti-acne regime if your skin can have breakouts. This process also helps in removing waterproof makeup and also removes away the dead skin.

Keep An Anti-fungal Powder Handy– Infections like fungal are common during monsoons. You should keep the skin dry. Regular showers and breathable clothes. Us an anti-fungal powder all over the body. Do not take long hot showers as it dries out the skin and disturbs its pH balance.





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