Take of your body like this in this stressful time


Due to our current situation and being stressful in our lives. This could also give a serious impact on our skin and hair. We can maintain our skin and health just being at home and your kitchen ingredients can play an important role in this. Like eggs, avocado, lemon, and oatmeals can help in your skincare home treatment.

Tips for hair care: We all know that massaging our hair with oil gives us so relaxation. Oiling your hair also keeps your scalp from not drying. It also helps in improving blood circulation. You should massage frequently and use oil which suits you. Also having a balanced diet which includes proteins, minerals, etc keeps your hair healthy.

You can also apply masks made from eggs, coconut milk and olive oil. As these, all are rich in proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients so they help in keeping your hair healthy.

Tips for face and neck: Our body gets its natural moisturizer as it produces oil (sebum) which protects our skin from dryness. As we are now at home, staying all the time in air-conditioned which is not good, it can reduce natural oil from our skin and we may look dull. So we can use a few natural products like oatmeal, avocado, and olive oil to maintain our skin’s glow or can protect it from getting dry.

We can put olive oil and massage our skin, we can use oatmeal for scrubbing and make a paste-like mast from avocado.

Tips for hands and feet: Due to coronavirus we are washing our hands so many times which can make them dry and also because of the change in weather. So it is important to keep your hands moisturized.

You should moisturize your hand every time whenever you wash your hands. Wear your gloves and then wash your dishes. Before going to bed you should apply any hand cream or vaseline. You can also do Manicure and Pedicure at home easily.

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