The battle of life between bird and snake, see who defeated in the video


Usually, snakes kill small animals and birds and eat them, but sometimes they also get beaten in hunting. One such video has appeared on social media. In which there was a war of life between a snake and a bird. To know who won in this jungle and got beaten, you must watch this video. This video has been shared by a YouTube channel named Kruger Sightings. Please tell that this channel belongs to the Kruger National Park, which is the national park of South Africa.

He often shares videos of South African jungles through his YouTube channel. Which people also like very much. In this video you can see a snake running around in a forest. Then a bird comes near the snake and attacks him. Seeing the video, it seems that the snake wants to eat the bird’s children, that’s why the bird reaches to attack the snake.

The snake gets distracted due to the beak of the bird and after that the bridesmaid is seen running. But where was the bird to give up? She breaks down on the snake. The bird sometimes bites the snake on its back, and bites it on its back and bothers the snake, but the snake defends itself and blows it vigorously but the bird strikes the snake every time. She survives.


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