The Goodness of ‘PAPAYA’


Papaya is available throughout the year and favourite fruit of many people. Papaya not only helps in improving the digestive system but also gives a glowing skin. The magical enzyme papain present in papaya provides therapeutic benefits to your body. It has antioxidants, is diuretic in nature and rich in fibre with minimum calories. And this is not all, apart from all these benefits, papaya can also help you lose weight.

Along with losing weight, it is important to lose weight in a healthy way. There are unaccountable diets on the internet and diet books available across all over. Same is the case with papaya diet. Papaya diet is very restrictive and does not like by everyone. One must consult a nutritionist before starting the papaya diet or any other diet. Papaya burns fat and helps in detoxification.

Firstly in the morning start with your day with almond milk or oatmeal and after 30minutes eat a papaya salad. This is the best and nutritious and healthy way to start your day. In lunch eating a whole grain salad containing spinach, olives, garlic. After this, you can have papaya juice. In the evening you can mix papaya and pineapple in the form of smoothie and can have it as a snack in the evening. You can have papaya salad with vegetable broth and lemon juice, celery and onions in dinner.

This diet should be followed for two–three days a week for two-three months regularly. After doing this papaya diet will not only make you shed extra kilos but will also improve your digestion and detoxify your body.

Also, papaya seeds can be also helpful to lose weight, removes toxins from your body, protecting your liver and if you are suffering from liver cirrhosis, protecting your kidneys if suffering from a kidney problem. These papaya seeds have the ability to prevent your body from absorbing fat. You can eat eight to ten papaya as pills or paste form. But try to have them in the morning. You can also combine it with a glass if grapefruits which is even better.

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