Here Are The Most Dangerous Places On Our Planet

Here are some very dangerous places on Earth.


Such places are absolutely beautiful which are pleasure to the eyes but the same places on Earth are turning out to be one of the most dangerous places which one should never visit in his life. Here are some of the places which are enormously dangerous to visit. They are being described here.

  1. Manchac Swamp – It is located in Louisiana in USA which is said to be cursed but actually it is a real threat as it consists of the swamp which is teeming with alligators. And such swamps are completely draining the area without success. There also have been many disappearances in this particular place.
  2. Mount Washington – It is located in United States and also is the highest peak in Northeastern United States where the weather is completely disastrous and erratic. This place is prone to cyclones and filthy weather conditions.
  3. Lake Kaindy – It is located in Kazakhstan where the temperature is always very low. And this is not the usual fish instead the water temperature at any time of the year is very low and the lake gets shallower not even in a condition of drought.
  4. Acidic Lake – It is a lake which is situated in the Yellowstone Park in USA. This unique color of the lake is due to bacteria which inhabit or resides in the water. It is being caused by some natural disaster which has occurred some time before. It is still the same as before.
  5. Lake Natron – It is situated in Tanzania where this lake is a blend of both salt and soda in the Arusha Region of northern Tanzania. This lake also consists of some weird species of creatures which totally differ from earthly creatures. 
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