The Most Expensive Prison In The World, You Will Be Shocked Knowing The Cost Of Prisoners


There are many prisons in the world where prisoners are treated very wrongly. They are ignored. They are not even served well. Talking about cleaning there, there is a lot of jail where it is lost.

Today we are going to tell you about a jail which is the richest prison. Where the cost of prisoners is high. For your information, let us know that we are talking of Guantanamo Bay Jail. This prison is the most expensive in the world, this prison has given about 40 prisoners.

And tell me that every prisoner in this jail spends 93 crores rupees a year and tell you that there are about 1800 soldiers living here, in this prison, the prisoners are very safe. There is a reason behind keeping the prisoners so safe in this prison, the reason is that here those prisoners are kept which are very dangerous. In this jail, the most dangerous criminal is kept, which may not be dangerous. Most facilities are easily available in this prison. There is a reason behind getting all kinds of facilities at this place that every prisoner here is spent 93 crores of years.

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