The reason why Ganga is always pure even after so much dirt ?


India is such a unique country, where we worship trees and plants, we also worship rivers and ponds. In almost every Hindu family there was definitely a Kalash or some other vessel which contains Ganga water. You all know that there are many rivers in India which have different identities.

गंगा नदी | हिन्दीकुंज,Hindi Website/Literary Web ...But talk about the river Ganges, which has special importance and the water of this river is absolutely pure, today we are going to tell about this river Ganga, whose water is always holy, it will make you wonder, let us tell you……गंगा नदी पर बेस्ट हिंदी नारे Ganga Slogans ...Scientists believe that the place from which the river Ganges originated. This place is on the Himalayan Mountains, where many types of life-giving herbs, mineral salts are found. These herbs and mineral salts come in contact with the Ganges water, due to which their properties dissolve in the Ganges water.

गंगा नदी से जुडी कुछ जानने योग्य ...Due to which Ganga water does not get spoiled. The water of the river Ganges is so pure that even if it is kept in a bottle and kept for many days, it is not spoiled. Scientific research has revealed that such a virus is found in the Ganges water.

The water quality of the Ganges river improved due to the lockout ...Which eliminates the impurities of this water and destroys the bacteria that grow in it. The person who keeps the Ganges water clean does not smell of Ganga water due to this virus.

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