The world’s slowest train runs in this country, which is equivalent to a bicycle in speed


You may have heard about the fastest trains in the world till now, but you would not have heard of the slowest train in the world till date. Today we are going to tell you about the slowest train in the world. Whose speed is almost equal to a bicycle. Actually, the world’s slowest train is in Switzerland. The name of this train is Glacier Express.

Explain that the Glacier Express train runs on the high hills of Switzerland. The world’s slowest train runs between Rumart and St Mauritz stations in Switzerland. By the way, to say this is an express train, whose speed should be higher than normal trains, but it is not at all because the speed of this train is around 29 km per hour.

That is, the Glacier Express covers a distance of 290 kilometers in 10 hours. For this reason, the Glacier Express is called the slowest express train in the world. Let us tell you that this train was started in the year 1930 among the high hills. In the initial days, this train used to run only in the summer season, because in the area where this train runs, there is a lot of snowfall.

Therefore, no one used to come and go in the snowy hills. At that time, passenger coaches were installed in this train, due to which the passengers had a lot of problems. Passing between the high hills, passengers did not have access to the toilet. However, over time many improvements were made to it. Let me tell you that being a slow-speed train is not a matter of pride, but after getting this status, tourists from Swiss people to the world have started coming to experience it.

During the journey by train, on the way of about 290 kilometers, where green or snowy hills are seen. At the same time, this train passes through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges, which fascinates everyone. Passing through the hills, many times there are also low-slopes. In such a situation, special kind of wine is offered to the passengers, so that they do not have any complaints of stomach ache or vomiting. In fact, traveling by this train is very full of adventure. That is why many people travel in this train for tourism, they have no work and they are tempted to go in this train.


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