The young man was trying to rob the woman, then the dog attacked, the video will be stunned


Dogs are very intelligent animals and they are also loyal to their owners. That is why humans have been raising dogs since ancient times. So that they can help in protection and hunting. Even today people spend a lot of money on their pets and all this is done for their safety. We found a video on social media. In which a dog once again proved that dogs are of course very intelligent.

In this video, a dog saved a woman from being robbed. The video was shared with a Twitter handle named @ newworlddd555. The video was then shared with another Twitter page called African Wildlife. It can be seen in the video that a woman is going on the road. He is holding a bag in his hand. Along with this, he has many more valuable faces like mobile.

Another young man is walking behind the woman. It seems that in view, this young man is a common citizen who is going somewhere. As soon as this young man approaches the woman, he tries to snatch her bag. During this, the woman tries to push the young man. Then her mobile phone calls from the woman’s hand to the ground. A dog is also seen walking nearby. As the young man tries to rob the woman, the dog reaches out to help the woman. During this time, the woman starts trying to lift her mobile from the ground, then the dog attacks the young man. The dog tries to bite into the young man’s feet.

The dog gets scared by the attack of the dog and runs away leaving the woman robbed. The dog runs so fast that the young man has to run fast. When the dog is convinced that the young man does not come again to rob the woman, then the dog stops chasing her.

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