There is a negligible difference between want and need


There is a negligible difference between want and need. From childhood, we grew up like that our wants are actually our needs. But this is not true, many times we got confused between want and need which is not good for us in a life journey. if you want to live your life without any complexity you need to implement this.

Don’t get the things or make thing until it becomes your need because need might never end but want are do end if you get it early.

If you get what you want, in starting you will be happy after a while it will become the waste or you will feel boredom. And if you get what you need it will be with you forever without any problem and harm on it. And this applies in every context like in money, love, relationship, etc.

By purchasing high-cost brands shoe, clothes, speakers are worthless, most of these brands are not worth it to buy. Just take an example if you have only 2500 Rs only and you want to buy a speaker then but its rate is above 5000 Rs then I don’t mind getting Boat speakers for 2500 Rs because I need a speaker, not a brand. If you will get this JBL speaker then it would be just show off thing.

You need to know what your actual needs and don’t try to mix your wants and needs in your life. Because there are many who are not getting even what they need like food, clothes, and shelter.

Be happy keep smiling.

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